Alas poor weekend... I never knew you...

Went to the eye doctor at 8:40 this morning. Some good signs were, I didn't wake up this morning with my eye glued shut with white blood cells, the doc said there should be minimal scarring (if any), and it's healing allright. The bad news, it was stil pretty light sensitive, there was still some pain involved, and there appeared to be a "film" that I was looking through that distorted my vision. The damage was directly in the center of my eye, and that's what was causing the fuzziness.

Meanwhile, two office visits ($225.00), and two different eyedrop prescriptions ($248.00), two day's to administer treatments ($ revenue loss from not overtime: none of your bidness), with the aid of my eyeglasses ($394.00), I can finally fucking see (Priceless)!

Around 6:30 this evening, I actually ventured out of the house. I drove down to the local Wally-World (nearest retail chain) in search of some sunglasses to clip onto my double-monacle's. The sun was low but still present, and I made the trek successfully, by holding my hand up to block the "day star" from striking my eyes directly. I could clearly discern things inside the store, and I made my procurement.

Once again, I can actually see, but the worst part is... I'm going to have to make up for the time I missed by working through the weekend. Ah well. I guess my "Power Lounging" session will have to wait.